Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's the funk.

You know what I hate about being a gamer with a bad impulse buy habit? Having a shelf or hard drive full of games that I have played little or none of, or, games that I have finished but would like to go back and play again. Hope that makes sense. It's an overwhelming feeling that really hinders my game playing cause I end up sitting behind the computer spending more time trying to decide what to play next rather than playing anything at all. Right now I am in one of those funks, kind of.

After spending a great deal of time with and finishing Fallout: New Vegas, I thought I would go back and play Mass Effect 2. Instead I ended up finishing the main story to Just Cause 2 which is an awesome game but with a TON of stuff still to be done, and completing the Normandy campaign in Company Of Heroes. I have started Mass Effect 2 and finished up most the missions on Omega, but still I am having a hard time shaking off the funk.

I am thinking that some of that has to do with not having an active MMO sub at the moment. My free month of WAR ran out on the 18th and I haven't bothered to renew it yet. Thanks to FNV and my frustration with T4 oRvR I have played about twenty hours of WAR in the past month. And even though I was genuinely excited about the new 1.4 patch changes I am finding little motivation to renew my sub at the moment. Right now I am just bored with MMO's in general.

So what does that have to do with the funk? Glad you asked. When ever I get into a funk or I'm just not interesting in any of the games I have, I know that I can turn to whatever active MMO I have to fill in the gaps. I guess you could say that MMO's are my security blanket, cause no matter what's going on in my gaming world, they are always there to comfort me.

One thing I have decided was to be smarter with my game purchases. After a quick glance at the new releases for the rest of the year it looks like the only new game I will be buying is going to be TRON. I don't care how bad that game is, I am a TRON nerd, I have to buy it! With that in mind it looks like I have quite a bit of time on my hands to dedicate to playing games in my collection, including stuff for the PS3. Heck, maybe I'll get back into FNV again, there is still so much content that I have yet to see!


mbp said...

Sometimes I think the main advantage of being stuck into an mmorpg is that you never have to ask yourself "What will I play today".

Whenever I find myself between games I go through feelings similar to those you describe. I make half-hearted attempts to play games that I know are very good but which for some reason I can't get properly involved in.

At least at this stage in my gaming career I no longer feel guilty about games left unfinished. There are just too many games and too little time to fret about any individual title. Sometimes I go back and finish, more often I don't.

One thing I know for certain is that another game will come along which does grab me and consume me for some weeks or perhaps a month or two. It may be expected or unexpected but it always happens eventually.

Anjin said...

If there is anything that I understand, it is the funk. I've actually done what you suggested. I cut way back on my game purchases recently and it has kept me focused on specific games. I'm sure that I'll pick up something new eventually (like AC: Brotherhood). But I have so many games already that it's nice to be working through my collection.

Bronte said...

Thank god you are back. I actually thought you were perpetually lost in the wastelands.

@mbp - I agree completely. I am a little worn out on WoW, but when I was playing it hardcore, I didn't have to worry about what is coming out. Now my shelf is full of about 20 half-played and some never-installed titles that I have absolutely no time for.

Jayedub said...

Well it's good to see that I am not the only one who suffers from the funk.

Who knows, the longer I go without a MMO sub, the greater chance I may just stick with one of the high quality f2p options there are now. It's almost like light beer, great taste less filling!

kaozz said...

I am impulsive also. I really hate being that way at times. I subscribe on impulse. I try not to do this often and make sure I'm really wanting to play the game. I let it simmer and ponder over it at least a week before subbing ;)

I hate having more than one sub going (which happens more than I'd like) because I am bad at playing multiple games. I get into a groove and end up just playing one.