Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughts Coming Soon On DCUO Beta.

I believe Massively and PCGamer have already posted up information about the DCUO beta, but I figured I would take some time to post about my thoughts as well. I will unfortunately have to get to it sometime this weekend, for some reason the client wants to update and download the whole 8.6gb of the game. Not sure why it want's to do that but I will have to wait till it's done in order to take some screenshots of the character creation process, the tutorial and then Gotham and Metropolis.

I wish I owned a full copy of Fraps so I could post video with some commentary, so for now screenshots with some detailed writing will have to sufice. I will share a quick thought about the game so far - it starts off with a bang but kind of fizzles once out of the tutorial. Also, if you are expecting Cryptic kind of customization then you will be slightly dissapointed.

That's it for now, I do plan on going into a bit more detail once I have let the client update itself.


Yeebo said...

Looking forward to it. I know very little about DCUO, not sure if I should be excited about it or not.

Anjin said...

I really interested in what you have to say about the game. Because of how much I enjoy Champions, I'm sure I will be comparing the two. Here's hoping DCUO delivers a better experience.

kaozz said...

You can use fraps still, it just will have the logo up top. Not a big deal though.

Look forward to seeing screens!

Jayedub said...

Well hopefully I won't disappoint!