Monday, November 1, 2010

Dominated by the Mojave.

Fallout New Vegas has been the game of choice for over a week now. I haven't touched WAR since last Monday's all day binge and I played a few hours of Tales of Monkey Island at work the other day, so all my other free time has been spent in the fabulous world of FNV!

I actually finished the game on Saturday and have been wasting time in game trying to decide how I am going to play through a second time. I figure that there are at least two more times I will need to finish the game because of the different endings and the factions involved. Normally I would move on to another game, but I think I am going to start a new habit and keep playing, that way I won't be spending the next year or so telling myself that I should play that game again like I have been doing with Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age and even Fallout 3.

My non-spoiler thoughts on the final mission: it was extremely hard on hardcore mode and my stupid dog kept dying. Honestly I wasn't having fun but I did have to work at completing the mission and in the end it was very satisfying when I knew I was actually going to beat the game. It had taken me a few hours and many, many reloads just to finish it.

So for now I think I will continue my trek across the Mojave, and one thing's for sure, I have gotten my moneys worth out of Fallout New Vegas.


mbp said...

Your gaming habits sound a bit like mine J. I tend to move quickly from one game to the next. I have been wondering he i would get more out of gaming by spending more time on each title and by the way I want your job.

Anjin said...

Four times, huh? You must think there is a lot of game there. That's good to hear. I still need to get back to Fallout 3. Maybe one of these days.

Yeebo said...

I am actually playing though Fallout 3 for the first time (as of a few days ago). It's a great game so far, I am really digging it.

Jayedub said...

@mbp - Well, it's a low paying job, but I did get to bring a computer from home to play games on. I actually finished FNV while at work on Saturday morning!

@Anjin - Because of the factions there is at least 3 ways to play through the final act.

@Yeebo - Fallout 3 is a great game, be sure to check out the Broken Steel dlc, it extends the game to 30 levels.

Anonymous said...

I definitely can't bring myself to do playthroughs of the same game back to back. Though one day I do hope to return to the Mojave Wasteland. I talked to a lot of people about their playthroughs after I finished mine, and there seems to be a lot I did different or missed. I also didn't realized how so many NPCs have connections to each other. Being evil caused me to encounter many quests that I couldn't finish because I had offed an NPC involved in it at an earlier point. Going to have to refrain from being so violent next time.

Bronte said...

How long was your playthrough. I got out of the Doc's house, looked around, and suddenly felt too weary to play what looked like the same exact thing!

Jayedub said...

@Bronte - I believe my first playthrough was somewhere around 60 hours, but I did a lot of exploring and side quests.

Right now my second playthrough is close to 15 hours I think. I am doing quite a bit less running around and side quests this time around. I am clost to Act III so I figure 20 hours total on my second time through.