Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend Edition

What am I going to play this weekend, good question. For the first time since Mass Effect 2 came out I find myself in a transition type period. There are no new games I plan on buying and the ones I did buy I have finished, so where to go from here.

EVE Online continues to be my only paid sub at the moment. Because of a few other games, my time with EVE was relegated to just logging in and updating my skill training que. The other day I noticed that Steam has my play time listed for EVE in the last 14 days at just over 13hrs, that's not good. So these last few days I have been spending more time with EVE and trying to finish the Sister's of EVE epic story arc.

I did have a couple of milestones happen with EVE recently; I surpassed the 900k skill points mark which means now I had to get real insurance and not the noob insurance, and I lost my first ship while doing a mission. I was happy about the first skill points, not so much when I lost my ship. It would appear that no amount of passive shield tanking in a Merlin will hold against what I think was 16 drones when you are both webbed and tackled at the same time.

My goal this weekend with EVE is to work on the epic story missions and try my hand at some mining, I could use some ISK and I hear mining is the way to do it.

I did finish Chaos Rising about a week ago, so hopefully I will be able to get some coop campaign play time, and if not maybe try the multiplayer for the first time or just do some Last Stand mode which is a ton of fun. With the NHL playoffs just around the corner I find myself being drawn back into some NHL 10 for the Xbox. My hockey alter ego who plays defense for the New York Islanders just swept the Ottawa Senators 4-0 and took game one from the Boston Bruins this morning. I get the feeling I may be playing a lot of NHL 10 this weekend. Somewhere in there I'm sure I will be jumping into some action with Bad Company 2, and Champions Online has a free play weekend for everyong so I might jump in and see how that game has come along.

So to recap; there should be some EVE online, possibly Chaos Rising and hopefully a bit of Champions Online, most likely some BC2 and a crap load of NHL 10. If only the days were longer and I could live off less sleep!


Blue Kae said...

You can do mining, or you can just run level 1 missions. Missions will be more engaging and if you have salvaging skills can be fairly profitable. Mining is less engaging, I recommend taking a book or making sure you're in a Zen mood.

Blue Kae said...

Grats on the skill milestone, though. :)

I'm Blue Kae in game, feel free to convo me if you see me on.

Stabs said...

Be sure to platinum insure your combat ships.

You're basically betting (at good odds) that your ship will get blown up at some point in the next 3 months.

It's a pretty good bet for most of us.

Jayedub said...

Yes, I fully expect to lose my ship, and possibly lose it often!

I finally learned scanning the other day and have collected a bunch of stuff I have no idea what to do with. I am guessing I need to reprocess it and sell it for some ISK!

Yeebo said...

I always enjoy reading about EVE from a new player's perspective. Accounts from the first few weeks are finally positive enough these days that I might actually give it a try some time.

Anjin said...

My personal EVE time has scaled back to keeping the training queue full. I really do need to get back in there and run some missions.

DM Osbon said...

Now that my PC has died on me, I may try EvE again once I get my mac book ;-)

Jayedub said...

EVE is fun, but I am at the point I think where I should really look at getting into a Corp to avoid getting bored.