Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's an impulse.

I recieved an email today from GamersGate like I normally do, but this one is interesting because they are having a sale on all Atari products. For those who don't know GamersGate is a digital game retailer like Direct2Drive. I have yet to purchase a product from them but I do like receiving the email ads from them, basically I like having as many options as I can when making a digital purchase.

So as I was scanning this ad in the email, I noticed that Champions Online is only $9.97. Hey, that's super cheap I tell myself, I could pick that up and see if it's something I would be interested in again. Then I realize that I already own Champions Online and all I would need to do is pay fifteen bucks for a month, so I decided that's not really worth it.

I then notice that Star Trek Online is on sale as well, and only $29.95 for the regular edition, now that sounds interesting! It's 40% off, a $20 savings, and I am slightly interested in the game. I have an idea of what to expect after playing some of the beta, but it's so cheap now why not try it!

This is not a doom and gloom post about Cryptic, remember it's a sale on all Atari products they have, but a small view into the life of Jayedub the hardcore gaming impulse buyer. It's true, I do have the tendency to just buy games when I see them cheap and then never play them. Sometimes an impulse buy is good, like buying STALKER on sale for only two bucks, and other times it's hard to not look at a purchase as a huge waste of money, Global Agenda I am talking to you.

A few other games on sale of interest was Master of Orion 3, Neverwinter Nights 2(one of the best rpg's ever!!!!), and a few other crap games that no one probably wants. NWN 2 Gold Edition for only $14.97 is a great deal, I would buy it again if I didn't already own a copy!


Blue Kae said...

Steam has made a business model on impulse buying. Ask anyone how many games they bought from Steam in December and how many of those they've played. I know I bought a few games that were excessively cheap and haven't played any of them yet.

Anonymous said...

I would wait for STO to be $9.00 or at least until the next content drop gets reviewed before buying. Ive been playing a week, it is fun, but not $30 fun. I tried to send you a 5 day key, but that is only for box buyers, I used Steam...


Jayedub said...

Bummer, I was hoping to give it a try, thanks for trying.

Anjin said...

I was about -->| |<-- that close to getting out my wallet when the Deus Ex and Hitman games went on sale, even though I'm not sure when I would ever play them. Even now I'm wondering if I made a mistake not buying them just in case.