Sunday, February 28, 2010

The verdict is in!

Well, with my two week trial for EVE Online coming to an end I have gone ahead and purchased EVE Online and will continue my adventures in New Eden for at least one more month.

I am really enjoying the game thus far, more than I thought I would. The new tutorial does a great job at getting new players acclimated to the game, and the five career agent missions help new players by giving some really nice items and plenty of ISK.

With EVE being a sandbox MMO and not a theme park MMO like I am comfortable with I really need to make sure I don't become overwhelmed. So in my month of play time I need to continue to learn more about the game, learn to maximise my skill training and join a corporation. For now I will be running npc agent missions, but hopefully I can get myself into a corporation so I can get myself into some PvP. Yes, I want to PvP, maybe even try some piracy!!!

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