Saturday, February 20, 2010

A bit of EVE.

You may not have noticed from looking at my Raptr profile but I have been playing quite a bit of EVE Online. That dreaded sandbox MMO with a huge learning curve, overwhelming amount of things to do and with some unforgiving PvP.

I don't know what it is but every so often I want to play a space-flight sim. I do own a few of those types of games; Darkstar One, X2 and a couple X3 games, Freelancer, and I think that's it. But when I think about it, it's not necessarily the space stuff I am in the mood for but a ship type game in general. Whether it be in the unknown reaches of space or on the high seas, sometimes I just want to pilot a ship and blow stuff up.

Right now I am really enjoying my time with EVE Online, much more than the last two times I gave the free trail a try. The tutorial is much better and easier to follow now, and there are these career agents that you can do missions for and they will teach you various aspects of EVE's gameplay. But the best part is you get free stuff for doing the career missions so it's worth doing them all.

My free trial ends in a week and there is a good possibility that I will finish all of the career agent missions by that time. I am worried that once I finish those missions that my interest in the game will decline. Say what you will about the kill ten rats quest hub type of MMO's, it's what I am familiar with and EVE is not like that.

I do believe there are other agents that do give out missions and there's always the possibility of hunting pirates, but will that be enough to keep my interest? I guess I will see in a week won't I!


Anjin said...

I'm very interested in seeing what you decide to do once your trial is over. I've tried the game a couple times and I always think I should like that game more than I really do. Maybe someday it'll click for me.

Yeebo said...

EVE is definitely a game that sounds good to me on paper. I even like the space flight sims that inspired it. However, from what I have read I always envision myself spending most of my time mining. I'm sure there is more to the game then that, but most of what I read about EVE focuses on PvP or mining, and "lose hours of progress" PvP is not for me.

Jayedub said...

I did not know that EVE was based off another game. I do remember that EVE was being developed as competition for Earth and Beyond which was a fun game.

I haven't tried any PvP yet, but there is a mission where you are given a ship for the sole purpose of losing it so that new players can learn about insurance and cloning.

If your ship goes you will probably lose everything, but if insured you might be able to purchase everything back from the Market.

It's expensive to buy insurance, but worth it. I just got a new destroyer last night and the last thing I want is for it to go poof on me.