Thursday, February 4, 2010


According to the email I received last night, Pirates of the Burning Sea are closing all but two servers and I can transfer any and all characters that I may have on those particular servers that will be no more.

One would assume that server closures are a sign of how healthy a game is doing which might not be so good, just ask Warhammer Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Personally I think it's an indicator that a game does not have a healthy player base, just my opinion.

The nice thing is that I don't need to have an active account to transfer my one and only character and I am getting a free month of play time to decide if I made the correct server choice. A free month of play time, awesome.

I really enjoyed my limited time with PotBS during the middle of last year, but like a few other MMO's that I was playing, I cancelled my sub because of Champions Online and eventually Aion, both games I was reviewing.

The great thing is that I have been wanting to try this game out again, but have been unwilling to spend the money to reactivate my sub. SWG is also free this month for me so I can log in and see all the cool stuff they have released recently is about, and then log out bored!

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Anjin said...

Never played PotBS. All the talk about it scared me away. I hope you'll be our Crash Test Dummy(TM) and take all the blows for us.