Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My bit of nerd rage.

Do you ever listen to a podcast and suddenly go into instant nerd rage over something that is said, or a certain topic of discussion? I did today.

The host of the podcast was talking about Star Trek Online and about how the community is really good for that game and just ignore the forums because of all the hate for the game. For some reason I had this knee jerk reaction and about turned off my mp3 player because of it.

But after writing this post three different ways, I realized that it's really much ado about nothing. I think my reaction came from the bad taste in my mouth left by Champions Online, Cryptic's other MMO. I do think that the official forums for any MMO only tell part of the story of the overall health of the game. But I guess if you were to use that same logic with WoW then one would think that game should have been canned along time ago.

I guess the morale of the story is not to take everything so personal, it's just a podcast for goodness sakes.


Anjin said...

Ah, there is nothing so satisfying as a little nerd rage. I have to say, though, that most forums aren't worth the effort to read them. They may be a help to the developer, but I'd rather eat crushed glass.

Jayedub said...

I pretty much limit myself to the LOTRO forums, they seem fairly tame when compared to other games.

Carson 63000 said...

The LOTRO forums do have their share of posters who simply do not have anything but complaints, but at least the "why are you playing this game if you hate it so much?" arguments are defanged somewhat by the fact that most of the serial complainers seem to have lifetime subscriptions. :-)

Yeebo said...

The folks that hang out on an average MMO forum are some of the most bitter asshats you can meet on the net. That doesn't mean they are always wrong, but going to a forum for anything besides advice on a character build is like going to an asylum for the criminally insane hoping to engage in stimulating dialogue about 18th century philosphers.

The LoTRO forums are a thankfull exception, as are the forums of many FtP MMOs oddly enough.

Oh yeah, and don't feel bad. We all experience "Nerd Rage!" at one time or another. You can't be passionate and rational about something at the same time.