Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well the end of July is nearly upon us and I have yet to update the blog nor post on a regular basis. NOTE TO SELF: LEARN TO USE TIME MORE WISELY!!

Four months ago I had a stress fracture on my fifth metatarsal. Was not very surprised because I have broken two other bones in the same foot, and after the second one the doctor made a comment that it will eventually happen again. Four years ago I saw the doctor for tendinitis in my foot, came away with orthotics and that was when my foot problems began.

The reason why I have broken the same foot three times has to do with weight distribution and being a fat guy. As a bone broke, the other bones would suffer stress from having to bear more weight.

So I fractured my foot, and was given an air cast that I wore for just over two months. The doctor does a strength test and I pass and am given the green light to go back to normal shoes. For the next few days my foot continued to bother me, but I figured it was because I needed to get better footwear.

Then comes Saturday, I'm on a ride-along with a cop friend of mine, and I began to noticed that my foot is really bothering me. For that night I had to wear a black pair of boots because you have to look nice when out on patrol, and the boots were the only thing I had that would look nice. So about 0230 after relaxing for a bit, my foot really started hurting.

The next day is Mother's Day, and me and the family go out and the whole time I am walking and my foot is killing me, badly. A couple days later I go to a different doctor, and the x-rays show that I have now broken the bone completely and it's now what is called a non-linear heal. Meaning the two bones are separated and the bone did not heal the first time and the doctor wants me to have surgery.

I elected to go with the natural healing first, and lucky enough it is working. The bone itself is nearly healed completely, and I am able to go back to work with an air cast again.

If breaking three bones in the same foot has taught me anything, it's that you should take care of your feet and lay off the double whoppers!!!!

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