Thursday, July 30, 2009

Games, games, games...

When I was on disability because of my broken foot, I had alot of free time to spend playing games. Unfortunately I did not accomplish what I had hoped, and that was to use the time to complete some of the titles that have been collecting dust on my shelf.

At the start of my vacation, I was very much into playing WoW, with a sprinkle of LOTRO. But about two weeks in, I became somewhat dis-interested with WoW. Some would argue that I was just burnt out, but it was a bit more than that. I was tired of sucking at PvP, and did not want to invest the time to grind gear, and I was burnt out.

About a week later I hit the wall in LOTRO as well. When I came back, I decided to try out the new Warden class, and I was having more fun than I did before. That was until I got to a point while questing in the Lonelands where all my remaining quests were fellowship quests. That is a big turnoff for me because I do not like being forced to group in order to complete quests to the extent that LOTRO does.

What didn't help either was that I ended up having some free play time with a few MMO's on top of subbing to a few more, and installing practically every game I own. The last two weeks of my vacation saw me spending alot of time just sitting at my computer staring at the monitor trying to decide what game I was interested in playing.

But a few good things have come of all that mess; I finally played some Sins of a Solar Empire like I have wanted to for so long, I now have only two MMO subs active, Age of Conan which I am really enjoying and LOTRO mainly because I forgot to cancel my account, and now I have another three months of play time to try and connect with the game again.

Since returning to work I have completed Conan for the Xbox 360, a week long bout of frustration, nearly finished Mass Effect for the PC, as well as Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox. I have also played some other stuff here and there, including trying to gain a level every play session with Age of Conan, but these are the games I have invested alot of time to in the last three weeks.

I continue to log into Age of Conan, did I mention I like that game, but I have been also playing a good bit of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne as well as Left 4 Dead on the PC. I hope to have Mass Effect finished in the next few days because East India Company releases tomorrow, and the week after I will have Hearts of Iron III as well. Looks to be a busy end of the summer with an even busier holiday season!!

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