Saturday, August 30, 2008

I's be the noob!!

Being the noob that I am in the blogging scene, I quickly get overwhelmed at times when doing blog stuff. I prefer to do all my blogging from work because I find myself with large blocks of free time sitting behind my computer. So to keep myself entertained, I browse through various blogs and try to come up with something at least somewhat interesting for my own blog.

When I'm at home and it's my day off, I'll give a quick look at some of the blogs that I like, but I try to use that time playing games and chasing after my son who is having a blast crawling all over the place getting into trouble.

What I am finding is that there alot of blogs out there, and I can get a bit overwhelmed at times when trying to read through as many as I can. Add the fact that sometimes I spend way too much time trying to post something on my blog, and the sudden urge to run and hide in a dark corner over comes me.

But, enough of my noobness for today. Maybe I just need some coffee...

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