Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Overwhelmings.

Here is something I never thought I would say let alone think: World of Warcraft is hard now. I guess I should put that into some sort of context. I can't remember the last time I had an active subscription to WoW, probably over a year ago. So recently a couple of my friends were treated to a tour of the Blizzard offices in Southern California, and I couldn't help thinking that if I was still actively playing WoW I too would have been there. I patch up my game, pay for a month of game time, load into the game and WHAM!!! Suddenly I was overcome with the worst case of the overwhelmings. Yes I made that word up.

I logged into the game and I instantly had no idea what I was suppose to do, why I had the stuff I did in my backpack or even why I was where I am. It's like when you move away from your hometown, and after years of being away you go back to visit only to find that everyone and everything has changed. 

My thirty day subscription is almost up and I honestly am finding it hard to come up with a good reason to keep playing. There was a time in my life when I played mostly MMO's, it was not uncommon for me to have more than two paid subs going at a time. Not anymore. I still and will probably always have a paid sub to The Old Republic, but with the plethora of F2P games and my increasing number of backlog titles I find that I am less willing to pay for a MMO that I am less likely to invest time into like I did in the past. But that's just me and my terrible game time management skills.

Then again, WoW may not actually be hard, my mind just might be trying to tell me that I've already spent way too much time with that game and it's finally time to move on and never look back. Maybe.

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