Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MechWorld Warrior of Online Tanks!

With the plethora of f2p games around there are no shortage of games to play. The downside, for me atleast, is that I just don't have enough time to play everything. Currently I have a sub for The Old Republic and World of Warcraft, although I haven't played much of WoW, I'm still kind of playing The Secret World and slowly working through the massive backlog of games. Now add to the mix two new f2p games, MechWarrior Online and World of Tanks, and even with my pretty open schedule I find it difficult to find time to play everything.

 Both games are very similar in what they do. MWO allows new players to choose from four free mechs to battle with much like League of Legends does with its free champions rotation, WoT actually gives you one light tank from the countries represented in the game and you can research and upgrade them as well.

I'm not sure what I expected with MWO, but with WoT I had this idea that it was an open world style MMO like World War II Online was and it was going to be super difficult and overwhelming to play. I was so glad to find that WoT is just like MWO in that regard - once you choose your vehicle or mech of choice you then click on launch and you're put into a match with a group of random players on a specific map and must duel to the death!

I started playing MWO first and while it took a few games to become comfortable with the game, it did make jumping into WoT much easier because of the few similarities they share. You launch the game, pick your weapon and jump into a game, it's that easy. What happens once you're in a match is not so easy.

I have really enjoy myself in both games and get my butt handed to me as well. There's always this excitement when loading into a match followed by this tension as I make my way around the battlefield which is almost always followed by a sigh of sadness as I sit there watching my burning mech/tank on the screen. No matter what, I am having loads of fun in both games.


Scott T said...

Glad you are enjoying WoT! I like both games, too. I seem to do better in WoT, though. My mech never lasts long in MWO, for whatever reason. LOL!

Haven't played WoT in a few days. Really need to jump back in now that I finally unlocked two Tier 4 tanks.

Jayedub said...

I tried World or Warplanes and War Thunder the other day and it reminded me why I don't play flight games, cause I stink at them.