Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Shadow Has Been.....Run?

There's this little game called Shadowrun Returns, you may have heard of it, it just came out after being a successful kickstarter. Honestly I had no idea about this game till a few months ago when it was on the front page of Steam. I know little about the Shadowrun universe and certainly didn't know there was a kickstarter for a game based on the source material.

I'm not writing a review here and am going to avoid any spoilers as well. I did however just want to share a few things about the game and express how much I really enjoyed Shadowrun Returns.

The Shadowrun universe is kind of neat - imagine fantasy creatures from the D&D games in a cyberpunk world like Blade Runner. The game is a top-down isometric game in the same vein as the Baldur's Gate series or the old Fallout games that takes place mostly in Seattle during the year 2054.

I really like the look of the game, the music and atmosphere, the characters, the writing, even the combat was quite fun. The only criticism I would have is the story - it starts off so well and is very interesting, but about half-way through the game it spirals a bit out of control and heads off in another direction. It's not bad by any means, I just found myself wanting more of the stuff at the beginning of the game rather than what I was doing towards the end of the game. It only took me about thirteen hours to finish the game and honestly that is just fine.

Shadowrun Returns is actually just a framework for mod support through Steam Workshop, the actual story in the game is called Dead Man's Switch. I'm really looking forward to the many story campaigns that the community comes up with.

For twenty dollars Shadowrun Returns was a great investment. I find myself wanting to play through the game again with the other races and classes despite my feelings about the latter stages of the game's story.


Scott Tortorice said...

Thanks for the thoughts on this game. I've been hearing mixed things, so I didn't know what to believe. I like the idea of this game but something tells me that SR is going to evolve like Arma, meaning that waiting a few months for the mod community to kick into high gear might be the better way to go.

Jayedub said...

It's a fun game and worth the twenty bucks, but I don't blame you for waiting, there should be some great story campaigns on the workshop.

Also, I can't post a comment on your blog because it wants me to have a G+ account, and I don't have one.

Scott Tortorice said...

Really? I better check my settings, I don't know why it would freeze out other methods of leaving a comment. Thanks for the heads up!

Scott Tortorice said...

Okay, I see Google+ was freezing out other methods of commenting. It is now disabled, so commenting should work fine. Again, thanks for pointing that out to me!

Jayedub said...


Marty Runyon said...

I'm always about this close to pulling the trigger on this. If only my calendar wasn't so full already. I'll probably end up picking this up on an eventual sale, but I hope I can find the time to play it.

Jayedub said...

It's definitely worth picking up whenever you can. Dead Man's Switch is not terribly long but I have yet to try some user content, just played through DMS twice already.