Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Jaye: Heya blog.

Blog: Hey Jaye.

Jaye: So...how are things?

Blog: Good, things are good...

Jaye: Did you see there is some sort of Newbie Blog Initiative thingy taking over the blogs today?

Blog: Well maybe they should have done the 'Get Off Your Lazy Ass Blog Initiative!

Jaye: Geez, what's gotten into you?

Blog: Well you write, then you stop, then you write again and then you stop. Are you going to make up your mind or what!!

Jaye: Wow, I didn't know you cared. I'm sorry.

Blog: I miss you!

Jaye: Hey blog, did you know if you do a search with the term 'funny random pic', you get all sorts of crazy results. This one was one that made me laugh out loud!

Blog: Sigh...


Anjin said...

I read the post, saw the pic, then said a bad word under my breath.

Good show, sir!

Jayedub said...