Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Error Heard Around The World.

I will admit, on Tuesday I was one of those who grabbed a torch and pitchfork and took to their anonymous voice on twitter to complain about the "launch day" issues with Diablo III. Since when did single-player games have "launch day" issues anyways?

One thing I've learned over the years is that gamers can become a whiny, entitled, arrogant mob when it comes to games. It seems I follow some pretty level headed twitter people cause the outrage was pretty timid, but I can only imagine what the message boards looked like on Tuesday.

Unlike the Mass Effect 3 outrage a few weeks back, Blizzard I believe deserves all the scrutiny and criticisms they are receiving for their handling of Diablo III release. First of all, why do I need to log in to a server to play my single-player game? And second, how can you not be ready for the mass amounts of people who are going to try and play on midnight of release?

I want it to be know that Diablo III is great. No, it's pretty darn awesome actually. Unfortunately this MMO style server garbage has me frustrated with what is a very good game thus far. I tend to ramble a lot on twitter, most of the time it's ignored and for good reason. But one thing I said and I stand by is that in a month I'll probably forget that I couldn't log in to play my single-player game, but right now I am freaking pissed!

The truth is that all these issues will most likely be all but forgotten in a month or two and we will all have moved on to something else that frustrates us one way or another. That truth still doesn't make Blizzard any less responsible for botching the launch of a very anticipated game. It's a good thing Diablo III is amazing.

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