Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nerd Rage.

I am a passionate guy. I tend to react and over react at times, I am not one for patience and I can be stubborn as well. So when I saw a link to an article on Kotaku called The Dumbing Down of Diablo III, I just had to read it.

Let me first say that I don't like Kotaku at all. I can't stand the layout of their website and most of the stuff they post is crap. But the title and the subject had me very interested in reading this one.

I read the article and I immediately felt some rage - why was Blizzard taking away customization, DIII will have no replayability, why do developers cater to the casual crowd - these were just a few of the thoughts raging in my mind.

Since the article was updated due to comments made I decided to scroll down and give them a look. The first two comments posted are videos of skill points and attributes in Diablo III. They are freaking amazing!! The reasoning behind the changes make perfect sence once you listen to the explanation of why they were made. Sure, who doesn't want greater control over their character. After giving it some thought however, that was my least favorite part of Diablo 2.

So in a few short minutes I went from homicidal nerd rage to being even more excited for Diablo III with some confidence that the game will be just fine. I wonder if there is a condition called Game Bipolar disorder.

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