Friday, September 10, 2010

Sport the WAAAGH...

My MMO of choice the past month has been WAR, and boy has it been fun, most of the time. I am a PvE carebear at heart and generally stink at any sort of PvP in MMO's. So when I initially came back last month, I created an Engineer on the Iron Rock server and instantly went back to the Dwarf T1 starter area. So for about six levels I just quested and ran a few Public Quests while waiting for scenarios to pop.

Then one day I had this idea that I would go ahead and check out the Empire vs Chaos T1 oRvR, cause with all the free accounts there has to be some PvP going. Let me tell ya, after that night my way of playing WAR changed. It was as if the rain had stopped, the clouds had opened and a ray of sunlight hit me in the face, all the while angels where playing music as if to tell me 'Now this is how you play the game!'. From that point on I logged in, joined an open warband and proceeded to blast Destro into tiny bits.

That was all well and good, till I hit T2 with the Engineer. At this moment he sits idle waiting for me to just take my punishment like a man, cause everyone knows starting out in a new Tier is like having your face kicked in repeatedly, eventually it will stop, I hope. I did have two other characters already in T2, my Chosen on Badlands and the Black Orc on Volkmar. Well I remember when I used to own face back with the Chosen, I'll just dust him off and give it a go.

That didn't last very long. I know I am not playing this class correctly, but it's really discouraging to get creamed as a heavy armored bringer of death. So I decided that I would mess around with the Orc; that turned out to be a great decision. It was a bit rough at first, but eventually I got the hang of the Black Orc and started wreaking shop in T2.

But once again, that was all well and good till I hit T3 with the Orc. T3 on Volkmar is a mixed bag so far. Last night was probably the best night in my young T3 days. We had a full warband take a keep and some BO's and get the elf lands to flip to Destro. I will say one thing, the renown xp is nice. But again, being on the beggining end of the tier, I am easy picken's for high level Order.

Regardless, I am still enjoying WAR, I look forward to going home after work every night and logging in, evern if it's for an hour or two.


Yeebo said...

Engi is about my favorite class I've ever tried in an MMO. The thing that always kills WAR for me is that starting out in a new tier is so frustrating.

I'd hop out of the PvP game and do PvE for a bit to level up to par, save that that the PvE in WAR is nearly the worst I've ever experienced in a big budget MMO. So my choice is to painfully work my up to par while getting face-rolled in PvP over and over again, or grind through a terrible PvE game.

Highest I've ever made it is where you are at now. I'll be very interested to see what you make of it, and how you get through the early tier III doldrums.

Yeebo said...

Rereading that comment it comes across as more negative than I intended. WAR is a fun game overall, and it has some very interesting class designs. I am looking forward to your impressions of tier III, I know that's where a lot of players stall out.

Jayedub said...

It's been a challenge so far in T3. Right now I am feeling very limited because of my lack of having a mount. Because I have focused on PvP I have earned very little money so I am the only guy running around on foot in T3!