Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dub's Playlist of the Week.

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I figured it was time for another. My playlist has been dominated primarily by two games over the past month: Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Warhammer Online. There has been the occasional other game like Jolly Rover and Napoleon Total War thrown in there, but according to Raptr those other two have been the games of choice.

I'm not sure what it was that prompted me to get back into BFBC2, but I'm glad I did because I have been having quite a bit of fun. I did play a lot back when the game was released and quit playing because I found many aspects of the game to be just extremely frustrating. Well those things are still frustrating, but I decided to approach the game with a better attitude. I figured that the cheaters are going to cheat, some hard to believe deaths are going to happen both for me and against me and sniping is the bane of all games.

Don't get me wrong, the game is a lot of fun, specially when you're on a server with players that understand teamwork. But there are still times when it's best to just take a break and walk away from the computer. I will say that the most recent patch that had quite a few weapon tweaks for balance purposes seems to have helped out a lot, so the fun to BS factor is not like it once was.

My primary goal this time around was to not only get better, but to start leveling up various weapons to earn gold stars. I have received gold stars in all of the Assault weapons and Engineer weapons including the rocket launchers, and right now am working on getting gold for the Medic weapons. I am not much of a Sniper, so those weapons are probably not going to get gold.

I just wish Bad Company 2's performance wasn't so spotty at times. Modern Warfare 2 not only runs great, but runs great while looking great. BFBC2 has bigger maps with more players so I have had to dial down some of the graphic settings to help keep the game running smoothly. It still looks good, but it could look better.

The other game on my playlist that has seen some considerable play time is Warhammer Online. It's hard to believe that WAR has been out for two years now. I don't remember much about WAR back at launch, but I did happen to write a review for the game, if interested you can read it here. That review was posted less than two months after launch, and already there were issues with server populations. I find that interesting because now there are only four North American servers.

I think it's a great time to be playing WAR; the 1.3.6 patch I think has been great. Personally the best change has been closing off Land of the Dead to T2 and T3 players. In the past players could fly there and just grind levels turning T2 and T3 oRvR lakes into ghost towns. These days I can come home from work and am able to find a warband either attacking or defending something, it's been great. Some nights are better than others, and on those occasions when nothing is going on in T3, I know that I can log in with my lowbie T1 character and find some action in RvR.

I have been spending the majority of my time playing my Black Orc on Volkmar. T2 was a blast, but I am finding T3 to be quite challenging. It's not because I get facerolled constantly, but there seems to be less activity than there was in T2. Not only that, but it would seem that I am the only character in T3 that is without a mount still. When I got back into WAR last month, Broarr was only rank 14 with about 5g. I can count the number of PvE quests that I've done since on one hand because it's been all Scenarios and oRvR for me. Well that doesn't seem to make the money I need for buying a nifty mount. Last I looked I have almost 7g and mounts cost 15g.

The playlist will certainly change after next Tuesday when Civ V releases, and then a week later Dead Rising 2 comes out. And we can't forget about Fallout New Vegas which comes out the first week in October! Man it's a great time to be a PC gamer!


Yeebo said...

Glad to hear you are still having fun with it. Sounds like you the RvR has really improved since I used to play.

Love the video :-)

Jayedub said...

I was wondering what the performance would be like when using fraps, so I made a video of my jolly orc, he's always so happy.

Anjin said...

Nice to hear that you're getting some good gaming in. RvR can be a lot of fun when the lakes are active.

I'm looking forward to Civ V quite a lot. I'm hoping to lose a lot of time to that game.