Thursday, September 16, 2010

More F2P goodness!

Remember that time when I was excited about the Everquest 2 Extended, and how I went on and on about it? Well, as time went on and more information about the pricing came out the excitement kind of died a bit. It also didn't help that I jumped head first in Warhammer Online again. I would actually attribute the lack of EQ2X play time more to WAR than anything else, I'm just so addicted to PvP in that game.

But enough about that, I wanted to talk about something else. You see, if I just wet myself at the EQ2X announcement, then I totally crapped my pants at the announcement of Pirates of the Burning Sea going F2P. Around May of last year I bought PotBS on sale for only five bucks from I actually had six weeks of free play because I also signed up for the 14 day free trial, smart thinking eh!

I had a blast playing the game, even talked one friend into at least trying the game for two weeks. The problem was that Champions Online and Aion were right around the corner, and I was still subbed to Age of Conan as well. So I never actually subbed after my free time was over because those other two games I was going to be writing a review for and knew I wouldn't have much time. As much fun as I was having, I never quite felt that PotBS was worth a fifteen dollar monthly sub. Don't get me wrong, the game has awesome ship to ship combat, something I haven't been able to find in an offline single-player game.

Regardless of whatever MMO I may be playing at the time, I am most definitely going to be playing PotBS, and you should too!


Yeebo said...

I definitely intend to try this. It will be nice to expand my stable of MMOs beyond fantasy, and it's always been on my radar as something that looked interesting.

Anjin said...

There would have been no way I would have tried this game if it hadn't gone free-to-play. Now I'm a little more interested. So, good move on SOE's part.

Also, I hope you changed your pants.

Jayedub said...

Hehe, yes I did change my pants! The avatar combat isn't bad and has improved a lot, but the ship combat is top notch.

Hopefully the conversion will draw lots of people so there can be some epic port battles, something I have yet to experience.