Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lord of the RIngs skirmish initial thoughts.

Most I'm sure are aware that Siege of Mirkwood for Lord of the Rings Online released on Dec. 1st. But because of my addiction to Dragon Age, I haven't tried the new skirmishes that came with SoM.

So today I played the tutorial and then ran two skirmishes of the only skirmish I had available, Siege of Gondamon. I will be honest, I did not have much fun the first time I played the skirmish and I learned that I am the worst Warden on Landroval.

After my first successful but not so fun skirmish I did find out how to change my soldier to a herbalist and equip talents for her. And what a difference having a healer made for my second play through, now I was having fun! But I did change the level from 32 down to 30 so I could at least have a chance to learn how to play my Warden in a skirmish.

But it's true, I am the worst Warden on my server. I felt so lost and confused most of the time, so I am glad to have the skirmishes to use as a way to learn how to tank. I did however almost make a full level in my two skirmishes and accumulate a nice repair bill too!


Yeebo said...

Word on the street is that the Warden is the hardest tank to play as a tank. It's intended to be one of the more technical classes. Although if you really are the worst on your server, that's quite a feat and I'm impressed ;-)

I have yet to mess around with skirmishes, I'm having too much fun just questing in Mirkwood so far. But every I've talked to is a fan of the system.

Jayedub said...

I think that was a compliment, lol. The skirmishes did show me just how tough it can be to tank, so thank goodness I learned it now instead of when trying to run some instance.

Anjin said...

Skirmishes sound like the best thing about this new expansion so far. I'm really bummed that my computer has been so recalcitrant when it comes to that game. Grr.

I love my Warden, but I think I'd make a lousy tank too. I barely have a decent DPS rotation, much less trying to hold aggro. Of course, I didn't spec the aggro tree, so that might help.