Friday, December 18, 2009


Just for the record, Vol. 1, Book 1, Chapter 2: Breeders of the Dead is NOT a solo quest, even if the quest log says so. As a level 33 Warden I am having a crap hard time just trying to finish this quest. I can deal with tough, I can deal with challenge, I cannot deal with a supposed solo quest being designed for a group.


Anonymous said...

That's the one where you kill Gaunt Signature types, right?

I had trouble with that too, till I decided to just focus on attacking the same one as it respawned by the stairs it was stationed at.

A little time consuming, but you can kill Wights near it for a deed while you're at it. :)

Jayedub said...

It's funny you say that because that is the one I have been going for once I realized how tough the quest was going to be. I can kill the Gaunt, loot it and then have plenty of room to run away.

But I was only able to get a couple before logging out in frustration. Part of it is me not being that great of a Warden.

Yeebo said...

There are definitly some hiccups with the quest difficulty guides. I've soloed small group quests and gotten my ass kicked trying "solo" quests more than once for certain. It also varies quite a bit for me depending on what class I'm playing.

Anjin said...

It's been long enough that I don't remember that quest. But Yeebo is right: the difficulty of quests can be way off from what the game reports.