Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fallen Earth falling off the map.

I have been so enthralled with Dragon Age that I have left little time for myself to play anything else. One game the has really suffered from my lack of time is Fallen Earth. I'm not ready to give up on the game just yet, but I haven't missed the game which is not a good thing.

Part of my problem is that FE is so open that I feel a tad overwhelmed. Another problem for me is that crafting is such a large aspect of the game and I am not a crafter by nature, I am about combat, exploration and for some reason I have this fascination with resource gathering.

I really like the combat mechanics; switching from a combat stance to a none combat stance, the ability to play in a third person or first person perspective is nice. But the area that I am in with one character has been experiencing some lag during combat, so the mobs tend to warp around making ranged combat a pain. One thing I did do was remap my key bindings for switching weapons, and that has helped out a lot. But at times the combat feels like Star Wars Galaxies. That's just a personal observation, every player's experience might be different.

I like how involved the crafting is and love scavenging and gathering. But to me the crafting is the focus of the game and combat is a means to getting the necessary components for recipes. That's where I think I am having the biggest problem, cause I do myself a huge disservice if I don't do any crafting. Actually it's probably more of a requirement to do crafting in FE than it is in any other MMO, but I don't know that for sure.

So what this boils down to is that I am on the fence as to whether or not I am going to renew for another month in FE. With Dragon Age eating my time, Siege of Mirkwood now released and my overwhelming desire to play all things LOTRO and my possible tour in EQ2 to check out some of those new features, I just don't know if there is a place for FE. What I plan to do is not play anything Dragon Age on Monday, and use my day off to spend large blocks of time playing both FE and LOTRO.

What I really need it a beginners guide or a road map for some progression ideas and hints for FE. But in the end the only way to learn is to play right?


Ysharros said...

Have you hooked up with any of the other FE players yet? (Syp & so on.) If you don't want to craft but are in a crafting-heavy game, like SWG used to be early on, you just need to have some buddies who *do* craft. Since the hardest part of crafting is getting enough resources (or the right ones) to do it, if you like resource-gathering you'll be helping said buddies out a lot and I can't see how they would mind making you stuff.

Speaking purely for myself, I tend to forget to make stuff for my own legion of alts but I really enjoy making things for other people to use. I'm sure there's a few crafting junkies in FE who are the same - you just need to find them.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

My suggestion would be similar to Ysharros' suggestion, which would be to find yourself a guild/clan, preferably composed of patient people like Syp and the other FE players out there.

The other thing I'd recommend would be to check the forums or foir player guides and other useful stuff.

Most of the guides focus on crafting as a main source of player motivation, such as making a vehicle or something, but if you're lucky, there may be a story-based walkthrough out there somewhere.

Good luck

-Victor Stillwater.

PS: Added you to my blogroll. You write rather well. :)

Jayedub said...

You two are right, joining a guild would make the game much more interesting.

You know, I didn't even think to check the official forums for some help, that should have been the first place I looked.

BTW, thanks for the blogroll add, I have had you in my reader for awhile, so I just moved you over to my blogroll too! I have a tendency to add blogs to the reader and forgetting to add them to the blogroll.

Blue Kae said...

Subscriptions are so cheap, if you're not sure go ahead and keep the sub for one more month. If you're still not playing much, then you'll have an easier time deciding. Plus, dropping the subscription doesn't mean so long forever, you can always go back later. If this was an NCSoft title, you might have to be concerned about that, but since it's a self-published title I think Fallen Earth is going to be around for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

I dont know I think if you cant or wont connect with the crafting then Fallen Earth may not be for you. Crafting no matter what anyone says plays a massive part of your development and adds to the vibe of apocalyptic earth where everyone has to scavenge to stay alive or to gain an advantage in the survival stakes.

By all means I'd do what both Ysharros and Victor say however I do think you will miss out on alot of cool development and story opportunities.

Anyway hope it works out

Jayedub said...

I think I will keep FE for at least another month, it's not like I hate the game I am just a bit overwhelmed by it.

One thing I do need to do is play more, I have only reached level 4 which is still real early in the game.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

Anjin said...

Quite the dilemma. I do spend time crafting in MMOs, but that's never been the "fun" part to me. I guess it's the achiever in me that wants to see what goodies I end up with. And if I can't be self sufficent with my crafting, I tend to get annoyed.

Not sure what all that has to do with your situation, but good luck anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Its not the easiest of MMOs to get into and understand, hell I'm level 8 and I still find myself getting killed easily by certain mobs and struggling to keep a stock of ammunition.

One thing I am doing is enjoying it at my own pace, I just dont think this game is suited to 'rushing' especially if you are new to it all.

I hope you found my tips helpful on my blog, they arent ground breaking news however they may help your mind set and give you a focus :)

Lefurre said...


Just a small bit of advice - stay away from ranged combat for the time being. Pistol/Rifle, etc... will find you having to craft to stay supplied with ammunition. So go Melee for now.

Also, at level 4 you probably are not yet in a town with access to an Auction House - my experience is that weapons and armor there are extremely reasonable since the market as a whole has not firmed up prices - as a result price cutting is commonplace.

Lastly, get to about lv6 or so and you will see that there is a path under those quests you are doing - you will be pointed to Embry in no time and the leads-to-other-towns will shortly follow.


P.S. Embry has the Auction House I mentioned as do many later towns.