Friday, December 27, 2013

Sales Everywhere.

It's no secret that I like a video game sale. So much so that I've purchased a number of games over the years because they were on sale but have played little to none of said game(s). I chalk it up to having way too many interests and not enough time management skills to play those games.

Back at the end of August I made a conscious decision to not purchase a game on sale if I knew that I wasn't going to play it right away. Between the months of September to November I purchased a total of two games, a record for me. Those were Nascar on Steam which I did play but didn't like because of the bad controller support, and an Ultima game for less than a dollar on GoG.

I decided that I would loosen the purse strings for the Holiday sales come the end of November and into December. Honestly I think I bought more games this year between the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales than any other year. The Christmas holiday sale isn't quite over yet, and even thought I'm sure I've purchased all I want, I'm going to wait till the New Year to post a damage assessment. Should be interesting.


Scott T said...

I have managed to train myself to never buy a game unless I am positive I am going to be playing it a lot in the near future. I just feel bad about spending good money on something I am not going to use anytime soon. The only time I break this rule is when there is a ridiculously good sale - like a game for $5 or some other insignificant amount. But sometimes this policy can backfire - when I AM in the mood for a game, I can find myself paying full price for something that was just on sale. That happened to me with Red Orchestra 2.

Jayedub said...

Every game I purchased this holiday was at least half off or better, but still I bought probably way too many games. I really am going to have to focus less on buying games and playing the ones that I've bought this and previous years!