Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why? Well Why Not I Guess...

I was listening to Episode 84 of the Rocket Jump Podcast the other day and something one of the hosts Aaron Phokal said had me ask a question. Before I get into that let me ask this - do you like podcasts? Do you like video games? Do you like listening to people BS about games on a podcast? Well then I highly suggest the Rocket Jump Podcast, it's one of the few that I don't miss. 

Now back to the topic at hand. On the podcast Aaron let it be known that he purchased a Wii U and one of the other hosts on the show had the same reaction I did - Why? His response was along the lines of 'I own the others so it was a matter of time'. So the question I asked myself was if most games are multiplatform then is there a need to buy more than one console these days?

I know I had a PSOne, then a Dreamcast, then a PS2, then a Xbox and eventually I picked up a 360 and stopped playing on those older systems. What sold me on the 360 was Gears of War, but I really hated that game still the purchase of the system was well worth it. I didn't become interested in getting a PS3 till after watching a friend play Uncharted Drakes Fortune and for some reason I just had to have a PS3. So eventually I did get one and wouldn't you know I didn't really like Uncharted either. Oddly enough the sequels to both games were amazing with Uncharted 2 being the best game I've ever played on a console. But I digress.

After awhile my 360 melted and I was left with just the PS3 and it's been that way for almost five years now. I won't lie, I've been very tempted to pick up a 360 mostly because it has a huge library of cheap used games. I can't help but ask myself why every time the temptation arises. I have a PS3, why not just pickup said games for that system instead of spending the money on a whole other system.

I guess the answer to my own question is yes, there is still a reason to own more than one console, for now. At some point I do see myself picking up a 360 because I would really like to play the Gears of War and Halo games but since I hate anything and everything Nintendo I won't have to worry about spending good money on crappy hardware.

With the next generation of consoles just around the corner and them most like costing a small fortune I personally feel there needs to be a good reason to buy one let alone more than one system. I'm perfectly happy with the current gen still and unless I see a must have game I'm perfectly content with sticking with my PS3 for a few more years.

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