Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I, Myself.

To all those very few who have my dinky blog on their RSS, I want to apologize for my lack of posts. One might have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog for the past several months, and they would be right!

Two things: writing is a painful process for me at times. I love to right, I enjoy putting words together and making somewhat intelligent sentences, but at times it can take just to darn long from start to finish. I have also had a real lack of focus with what I want the blog to be and where it might lead to.

So to summarize - I have been lazy, I am over thinking things, and my addiction to Dragon Age 2 has consumed any and all free time I may have had over the past couple of months. Oh, and there is of course the Stanley Cup playoffs that I have to watch.

So again, sorry everyone for wasting space on your reader.


Anjin said...

Perfectly understandable. We all have times where blogging is a priority.

That said, I am interested to read your thoughts on DA2. I know you squeezed all of the juice out of that game several times over.

Jayedub said...

If DA2 was a horse, then I have turned it into dust from the beating I have given it. Guess I like the game some.

Grimnir said...

Eh, I haven't been writing as much either. So that wasted space on the radar is returned wholeheartedly :)

Yeebo said...

What Anjin said. Blogging is a hobby, not an obligation. Although I do miss your writing when you are gone for a long time :-)

Jayedub said...

You guys are too nice!