Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain is Gone.

I was able to finish off Heavy Rain this morning before work. The game is brilliant for a few reasons; the story was intriguing, I became connected to the main characters and no other game has touched me on an emotional level like Heavy Rain did.

Sure the game has issues like a crappy control system, audio glitches and undeveloped character back stories. But it succeeds in drawing you into the story and delivering some pretty intense moments.

I highly recommend that everyone try Heavy Rain, if for nothing else then to see something different.


mbp said...

I wonder will it ever be ported to PC?

Jayedub said...

It will not. The game uses the sixaxis quite a bit and it would not translate well to a mouse and keyboard I think.

Yeebo said...

I have been waffling for a while over whether to get a PS3. I originally went with the 360 mainly for Netflix, but with it on all the major consoles that's no longer an issue.

Jayedub said...

The main differences between the two would be first party games and online is free on the PS3. When I bought my PS3 it was for a blu-ray player and to play Sony games. Then my Xbox fried so I decided to just stick with the PS3, and I've been pretty happy.