Thursday, July 15, 2010

WoW is fun!

I don't what it is lately, but I am not finding the joy I once had in WoW. I had resubbed after almost a year off back a few months ago when a friend told me he was going to play again. And for the first few weeks I was having a blast; a blast with the random dungeon finder that is. But then things started to slow down and I just wasn't really wanting to raise my gear score just to run ICC.

Then one day I decided to jump on my Alliance Paladin, and suddenly the fun came back! I was playing at home in the morning, playing at work then back at home at night! I did this till I reached level 78 and had to stop because of losing the internets and moving to a new place.

I have this problem when I go long periods without playing a MMO, I suddenly lose my momentum and realize that I could be playing something else. That something else turned out to be Alpha Protocol for about two weeks. So eventually I relogged into WoW and take the Pally out for a spin, and I noticed the fun was gone. Instead there was pain, anguish and some seething hatred.

I think something is wrong with me because I just don't have the patience to put up with the grindy quests in Northrend anymore. I am tired of collection quests that require me to kill 50 creatures in order to loot 3 quest items, or run all over the know continent just to give some NPC a stupid (insert item here)! Frankly the main thing that killed my enjoyment of LOTRO was the questing, and getting from level 78 to level 80 is reminding me of that.

But maybe I am just tired of playing MMOs, who knows. But I am determined to make it to level 80 with my Pally, even if I have to kill someone, I mean if it kills me!


Stabs said...

Well being tired of WoW does not necessarily mean you're tired of MMOs.

Try one of the free ones. DDO maybe. It's very social at low level and you may find it fun.

mbp said...

"I think something is wrong with me"

Personally I suspect this is perfectly normal and that the rut we sink into when playing one mmorpg exclusively for months on end is actually wrong.

I find that when I am immersed in an mmorpg I eat drink and sleep just that one game but if I take a break of only a couple of weeks it is kind of like waking from a trance and I cannot understand how I devoted so much time to one single game.

Blue Kae said...

I don't think anything is wrong with you. Or if there is, then the same thing is wrong with me. A lot of people go through cycles or interest and apathy towards a game, genre, or the whole hobby. The trick is to not stress out about it or try to force it, that way leads to serious burnout.

Jayedub said...

Maybe knowing what the end game grind is like has soured me somewhat to WoW. But it is probably a little burnout with fantasy MMOs that I am experiencing at the moment.

Anjin said...

I agree with the other commenters. No MMO is forever. I had the exact thing happen with GW. After a couple years, I would only log in long enough to play the new content once. But now I have a hard time playing at all.

Yeebo said...

No game is forever, at least for me. Anything that lasts me more than two months is above average, more than six months is exceptional, and more than a year is insane.