Thursday, July 8, 2010

Corpse runs are cool.

You know what, somehow when Blizzard was developing World of Warcraft, they set out to have a fun game that made money, which is not the way it's suppose to be. Everybody knows that Everquest was the pinnacle of MMO design and it's been downhill for the genre ever since. It's really hard to argue against that when looking at the booming server population that Everquest has right now.

The MMO genre has evolved, WoW has evolved, and society has changed, such is the way of life. It's shameful that developers and publishers want to make fun games that make money. I know this much; terrible level grind along with horrible death penalties does not make a fun game for me.

It's funny how it's now the in thing to criticize the one game that made the MMO genre what it is today, whether that's good or bad is up to you.


Yeebo said...

DAoC was the first MMO that really grabbed me.

No rosy goggles for EQ here. I tried EQ back in the olden days when there were no maps, spamming up your direction sensing skill was really important, many races went blind in the dark, regenerating mana involved being blinded by a book that filled your entire screen, and of course you could lose a level and all your stuff from dying. Even back then I thought the designers were bat shit insane, I didn't last past my first month. To me, it wasn't a "game" so much as "an opportunity to pay to be bored and annoyed."

I did try it s few times later when they patched out some of the more brutal systems, and found it to be quite a bit more enjoyable. However, I have never made it much past the 20s on any of my forays.

Jayedub said...

DAoC was my first MMO. I'm not going to say that WoW is the best MMO ever, but it can be fun and has cool features that I like and want in other MMOs.

Anjin said...

The very first (not really a) MMO was Guild Wars. I read about and was interested in other online games, but I never tried them out. It wasn't until GW came out with their goal of fixing everything wrong about MMO design that I tried it out.

Well, that and the no subscription fee. But even there they tried to do something different.