Saturday, June 5, 2010

A One Console Owner or How I Became a Sony Fanboy After My Xbox Died!

That's right, my Xbox died on me almost two weeks ago. And of course the warranty is up so I would have to pay Microsoft a hundred bucks to fix my unit. Now if I had the three red rings of death then I would have been covered, but noooooo I had to get the one red ring of death, the E73 error.

What's the E73 error you ask, darn good question. It apparently has something to do with my ethernet port on the Xbox. Either way I have decided for the time being to give up on the Xbox and just stick with my Playstation 3. This is my second Xbox, it was in a good place with great air flow, basically it was in an ideal condition for longevity, at least I thought so.

So I went ahead and traded all my Xbox games in at Gamestop and came away with a new copy of Red Dead Redemption and a new Dual Shock 3 Controller, along with a pre-order for NHL 11 and Fallout New Vegas. Believe me, it took me nearly a week to decided whether or not to fix the Xbox and if I was going to trade in all my games, cause I had quite a few. In the end I came to the conclusion that the only reason to own two consoles are for the exclusive titles, and very few of which I really want.

I guess the only bright side to the story is that now I can show my PS3 some love!


Anjin said...

Ah, E73: the red rings lesser known but just just as surely cousin. Sounds like you had good reason to switch over to a PS3. There are just enough exclusives that I'm interested in (like Uncharted) that it would not be an easy choice which console to go with if my 360 died.

Bronte said...

Need more Vespene Gas!

I mean posts!

Need more posts!

Jayedub said...

I was fortunate to have both consoles so switching to the PS3 was pretty painless. Still, I wish my Xbox hadn't died, I was enjoying the new Splinter Cell quite a lot.

I'm on it!!!

Yeebo said...

Ouch!! So sorry man.

If my 360 died, I would definitely replace it with a PS3. Back when I bought my console only the 360 had netflix streaming, but that's not a limitation any more. Plus, there are some upcoming MMOs on the PS3 that I'm interested in.