Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh June, where have you gone?

It's been a long month thus far. At the end of May a coworker went out on disability and I was to work a six day work week for what was suppose to be only a couple of weeks. But as it turns out she ended up getting herself terminated on her fourth day back to work, and so the six day weeks continue.

If that wasn't tiring enough, me and the family decided it was time to move out of our claustrophobic one bedroom third floor apartment to something with at least one more room, and not on the east side of San Jose. We are in our new place now, but there is still more work to be done, put away and cleaned. I really hate moving.

The gaming did suffer some, like when my Xbox decided it didn't like sitting next to my PS3 and committed suicided and when I was without the internet and doing no gaming at home for a few days because of the move. Lucky for me I have a computer at work so I stepped up my slacking off, I mean gaming there to compensate.

I was able to finish Red Dead Redemption just before the move, and I just want everyone to know that it's the second best game to be released this year, it's that good. Sure it has some issues, but the story and the gameplay are great. Pretty much all I have been playing for the past couple of weeks has been Empire: Total War. It's only taken me over a year to finally spend some time with a game that is pretty darn fun.

The month of June has been crazy for me with the move and the work, but hopefully here in a few weeks at most things will settle down and get back to normal.


Stabs said...

June has been heaven for me so far as I'm avoiding the London heat by partaking of a steady diet of World Cup football and MMOs.

It's the indoor life for me!

Jayedub said...

London has heat, who knew!

Anjin said...

Glad to have you back at the wheel. I hope the craziness all dies down soon.

Yeebo said...

June practically dissapeared for me as well. Hope you enjoy your new place.

And that's it, I give in. Half the bloggers I follow are raving about it, I'm buying RDR as soon as I get back into town.

Jayedub said...


You won't be disappointed, it's a great game. Yes it's a lot like the GTA games, but it has better focus, only on a couple of occasions did I feel like I was getting a bit bored.

The multiplayer is pretty fun too, there's something about harassing someone while they are trying to clear out a gang hideout that makes me giggle!