Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It's February 1st, and that means it's time for the Super Bowl. This years gridiron classic pits the offensive minded Arizona Cardinals vs the defensive Pittsburgh Steelers. I personally am rooting for Arizona, I think it would be a great story and would do wanders for the franchise.

Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the game live, cause I am at work. I was suppose to have the day off, in fact I was going to have a three day weekend after working six days in a row. But I find myself working for a seventh day in a row having worked a total of twenty-nine hours of overtime.

But, it should be known that I work mostly in an office, and it's not hard work at all. But when you are only sleeping maybe six hours an night because of playing games, and working a few eleven hour shifts, one tends to get a bit tired and cranky.

I do have the game set to record on DVR, and I might go ahead and listen to it on the radio as well. Tonight I think I will skip the gaming and watch a movie, hang out with the family and go to be early!

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