Monday, February 23, 2009

Do I really need sleep?

If I didn't think I had enough time lately because of playing WoW, it just got worse. I bought FEAR 2 and Dawn of War II this past week and I have been wanting to play more LOTRO. Sometimes I wish I was back working part-time when I had more time in the day to waste on gaming, but my wife wouldn't like that!

So needless to say I have some gaming to do. First up will be FEAR 2 which I will be submitting a review for to a couple of sites, then next will be DoWII which I might get lucky and be able to do a review for as well. All this while trying to level up my Troll frostmage through Burning Crusade content along with a visit or two to Middle Earth till Empire: Total War is released the first week of next month.Sheeesh.

Also, I was meme-tagged by Pete over at Dragonchasers a few days ago. I have never been meme-tagged nor did I know what it was till now. It would seem that I need to post my sixth screenshot, but I almost never take screenshots unless it's by accident. So it looks like I will be taking some screenshots this week while playing all these games.

I do know for a fact that I have taken screenshots in the past for Age of Conan when I was doing a review for that game, but they are no longer on this computer, not sure if that counts.

So this was the actual sixth screenshot I had taken from AoC when I writing the review. Not the greatest, but it will do till I come up with a better one while gaming this week.


Anonymous said...

Am reviewing FEAR 2 also for another site also - did you enjoy the experince overall?

Jayedub said...

I have not finished the game yet cause I have been slacking a bit. But so far I am really liking the game a lot.