Monday, December 1, 2008

Starting December strong!

I have really been slacking on posting to the blog lately. That can mostly be attributed to the poor time management skills that I have! I had every intention of posting up a day by day recap of my awesome vacation, and the first one I have had in over three years. So I will recap it in one sentence then; I slept very little like a moron, played alot of games, had two Thanksgiving meals, and I neglected my blog. Honestly it wasn't much more interesting than that.

I played a whole heck of alot of Fallout 3, and I am loving it, my personal game of the year for the PC!! Something I really need to do is take some screens and chronical my adventures in the capital wasteland for all to see.

I have mentioned that I joined the Casualties of War guild for Warhammer Online, well they have now branched out to WoW as well. I also picked up the new EQ2 expansion the other day, so I am now running three MMO's at the moment, something I plan to do for at least a little while, but eventually I am going to have to cancel one eventually.

Speaking of EQ2 expansions, Shadow of Odyssey is giving my PC all sorts of problems. For some reason the game has issues with launching, I will get a black screen, then the game will minimize to the desktop and stops responding, extremely frustrating. Nothing like spending forty dollars on the game and fifteen dollars to reactivate the account, only to have the game become unplayable at times to make one feel like they wasted money.

Well, thus ends the first post on the first day of the last month of the year.

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