Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back in April I started a new job. For a couple of weeks I worked both, then I left my old job and started working full time, 40 hour work weeks. That has unfortunately eaten up precious time that I could be playing video games. Or so I thought.

I use a program called Raptr to track my game playing time. I have no way of explaining why other than I just like to know what I've played and for how long. I rarely use Raptr for anything else honestly. One feature is I get a weekly email that tally's up my total time played and which games I spent that time playing.

When I saw this past week's summary, I was kind of blown away at how many hours I spent gaming.To be fair I had an extra day off this week thanks to having to work six days a week for the next month. Total time spent playing was 51 hours and 8 minutes. If you are wondering, yes, that is almost twenty more hours gaming then I spent at work.

I went back to the second week in April when I started work both jobs and was kind of surprised at how much time I have blown playing games. The past three weeks are not ordinary because I have had a couple of extra days off from work and I had this obsession with Dragon Age Origins. But after looking at all the numbers I would say my average game time falls somewhere between 20-25 hours a week.

Again, that is quite surprising. What that is telling me is that I am playing way too much on my days off when I probably could be doing something a bit more constructive, like working on the honey-do list. But, from this time forward I will not complain about having no time to play games, because it's obviously not been the case!


Marty Runyon said...

Fascinating. I don't run Raptr, but I'd be willing to bet I game more than I expect. Maybe I should stop complaining too.

Jayedub said...

I have less free time now for sure, but I guess I have been using my time during work nights much better. At least I'd like to think so.

I definitely wasn't implying that everyone has more time than they think, I was just surprised at my time played.

I think I should get out more...

Blue Kae said...

Time tracking is the only reason I use Raptr as well. It's a little frustrating though since you really can't get much good information back out easily (like doing month to month comparisons).

Jayedub said...

I just realized that I forgot to title this post, lol. Guess I'm a bit out of practice!

I agree, I wish there was some added tracking features. Before Raptr I used Xfire. Initially it was because I was in a Medal of Honor clan and it was an easy way to join a clan member's game. That is where my game time tracking addiction/problem started.