Sunday, January 26, 2014

Add Two More To The Pile.

I don't know what was my first digital purchase nor when I began making digital my primary method for purchasing games. I do, however, know that I started saving my emails for digital purchases on 6/22/2010. After making my list of games purchased in the year 2013 I went back to look through 2012 and noticed that a lot of those games I have actually played and many of them I finished. That means nothing to anyone else, but does tell me that World of Tanks has eaten quite a bit of my gaming time this past year. I don't think that will change this year.

As for 2013 I noticed that I pre-purchased two games: Space Hulk and Shadow Run Returns. Why do I bring that up? Well because Green Man Gaming had a sweet deal on a pre-order for Thief which comes out in February. I was sent a code for 30% off of the game that was already discounted by 10%. I love stealth action games and was kind of interested in the new Thief so I decided to be impulsive and make the pre-order.

I also picked up Sim City on a nice discount from Amazon as well. And here I thought I was going to slow down on the impulse buys. Oh well, I love sales.

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