Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Play Some: Everquest 2 Furbottom Edition!

In this inaugural edition of Let's Play Some I thought I would start of with something easy like Everquest 2. I know what you're asking your, 'why is this the Furbottom Edition?'. Well I will get to that here in a second. Because this post may be long with lots of terrible looking screenshots, I have decided to add a jump break to this post. So if you are incredibly interested or bored join me after the break and we will get to the adventure!

Everyone say hello to Furbottom, the Ratonga Swashbuckler adventuring in the frigid land of New Halas. I have had an active Station Access account for nearly two months now so Furbottom has already reached level 17 and AA 17. For the past few levels I have been evenly splitting Adventure XP and AA XP at a 50/50 ratio, and so far it's been working out great. I have been taking advantage of the rested bonus, the Veteran's XP bonus along with the XP potions I have from the Vet rewards that I have.

I know what you're saying, why am I still so low level with all those bonus' after all this time. Well two reasons - a little game called Crysis has me hooked and I started playing WoW with some friends again. But we won't talk about that here, this is all about the Mighty Furbottom!

The city of New Halas is located on a piece of ice located in the Frostfang Sea and from what I have gathered is under constant attack by the local orcs. For this adventure I will be taking two quests - one that has me heading to the Ry'Gorr encampment on the tiny adjacent island and another that has me investigate a small cave located under the main island itself.

First on the agenda is getting to Jagged Daggers island and dropping some not so healthy spores into the Ry'Gorr provisions. Let me tell you, being a stealth class has been extremely helpful in the Halas zone thus far. I am able to avoid unwanted skirmishes many of the times and it allows me to accomplish my goals much quicker. In this case I was able to stealth my way past the invading Ry'Gorr army storming the beach and swim across to Jagged Daggers.

Once there I snuck my way up to the encampment, cleared away a few pesky orcs and seasoned their food with some yummy spores. The quest isn't all the difficult, the worse part being the same level Ry'Gorr that attacks after contaminating the provisions. But they happen to be no match for the mighty Furbottom, and once I have taken care of four provisions it's off to my next objective.

It must be known that this next quest was a huge pain in the furbottom! I am to swim deep underwater to the Ry'Gorr caves under Halas to see what those pesky orcs are up to. The problem was I could not find the cave entrance. I also neglected to read the quest and ended up drowning my first time trying to find this cave. Let this be a lesson to all, reading the quest text is usually a good idea. What I didn't realize is that I was given five totems that would shapeshift me so that I could swim underwater to complete my quest.

So after one death, three totems and twenty minutes of swimming around trying to find this place, I found the place. All I had to do was swim in, stealth, make my way to the location that updates my quest and swim the heck out of there. But there was one oddity I noticed - once out of the water I was still shapshifted as a Manta Ray! I even stealth, made my way in and out of the cave and was able to turn in both quests while still shapeshifted. It made me chuckle a bit.

So there you have it, two quests down, I almost made level 18 and I even died a few times. That's right, the mighty Furbottom is prone to lapses in judgement on occasion and it gets him into trouble. I want to thank those who took the time to read this jumbled mess of a post. Hopefully I can if I do more like this they will get better. Hopefully.


Anjin said...

An excellent post! You've made me jealous that I haven't tried something like this yet on my blog.

Jayedub said...

You are too kind sir!

Bronte said...

Did I miss a post somewhere? What is "Let's Play Some?"

Jayedub said...

It's just me sharing how badly I play a game so I have something to post on the blog. Not much else to it really...

kaozz said...

What server are you playing on? I play on DB. The new halas area is pretty fun, my fave is Neriak/Darlight Wood though.

The little rat is cute, been thinking of making a ratonga myself one of these days.

Jayedub said...

I am playing on the Anotnia Bayle server right now. I really wanted to play a class that was decent at soloing and I thought a Ratonga would look sweet in swashbuckler gear!

Halas is definitely set up well for questing, I just wish it had a bit more color. I do like Neriak quite a lot myself.

Yeebo said...

I though the quest where you can turn into a manta ray was pretty neat. If you aren't aware of it, there is an easy series of gathering quests that will make you phat cash at low levels:


Great post in any case, I wish Furbottom the best of luck :-)

Jayedub said...

Awesome link Yeebo, it's going to help out quite a bit, thanks.