Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Texas Day 1

Well my first day in Texas is coming to an end soon. The weather leaving San Jose was cold, wet and cloudy. The weather in Austin was hot, dry and cloudy, nothing like the Bay Area.

For anyone wondering why I would fly to this odd country it's because I am here to visit my brother who is in the Army. Since he is deploying to the Middle East in a couple months, I figured I would Come and visit for a bit.

There are two things I have learned since being here; Texas is hot and humid at night and I suck at Rock Band.

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Anjin said...

That's good to know, both of them. So I'll try to stay out of Texas and never play Rock Band with you. :)

mbp said...

I used to travel to Mesquite regularly for my work. It was in a "dry" county which was quite unusual and I remember being struck by the fact that canteen conversation was more likely to revolve around the prayer meetings folks had been to than their antics in a night club. Nevertheless I found people to be genuine, helpful and friendly.

Conservative America gets a very bad press here in Europe and most Europeans are bemused by the antics of the Tea Party. The folks I met in Texas were just genuinely nice people though and broadened my view of conservative America despite my own euro liberal leanings.

Yeebo said...

I used to live in Galviston when I was a wee lad. Our apartment building was right on the edge of a sea cliff, I remember the constant sound of waves crashing on the rocks. I also remember anepically unsafe path that went around the edge of our building and had no railing, just a long drop to rocks. It seemed incredibly hot to me when we first got there, we moved from Michigan in the UP.

kaozz said...

I live in Houston, it's just starting to warm up. It gets so HOT here.

Hope you enjoy your visit even if it is a bit toasty!