Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Productive.

Talk about a productive day at work; I spent the better part of my eight hours watching Youtube gameplay videos of various F2P games that are out now. For some reason my mind was trying to convince me that I might somehow be interested in playing some F2P games, ha! I admit that some looked alright, but I know myself I have a hard enough time staying focused on a pay to play MMO, how in the world am I going to keep interest going for a game that I have nothing invested in?

What I was looking for was one of those Asian MMO's that had some sort of martial arts combat. I had played one a long while ago called Dragon Sky, but it no longer exists, and with good reason - it stunk. But the martial arts combat was soooooo awesome. Too bad it was a terrible game.

I did happen to catch a gameplay trailer for Star Wars Galaxies, the music alone is almost enough to want me to resub. I also watched a few more gameplay trailers for City of Heroes and Champions Online. Yep, it was a pretty boring day at work.


Yeebo said...

Holy cow, that video did make the combat seem awesome. What exactly bit about it?

Anjin said...

Almost every experience I've had with an Asian MMO has been like that. There is some awesome little bit of gameplay tucked in with a whole lot of completely uninteresting crap.

Jayedub said...

@Yeebo - Dragon Sky had some of the worst translation errors ever which made doing pretty much anything in the game a chore. But I loved the kung fu combat.

@Anjin - Cound't have said it better myself.