Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting in is hard to do.

Has anyone ever had a game that when you watch it being played you think that it looks great and would be fun to play. And has said game been just so overwhelming that any enthusiasm and excitement you might have for playing the game are squashed by that overwhelming feeling? Well if so then I am not alone! And if not, well then crap, something must be wrong with me!

I bought Empire: Total War a few days after launch and Steam tells me that I have played a total of 25 hrs. That averages to almost 2 hrs of play time a month, that's not a lot. When I watch a friend play I think 'Wow, that looks looks great, I should play that game!'. But once I get into a campaign I almost immediately get crushed from the overwhelming scope and complexity of the game.

I think my issue comes from me trying to do way too much that early into a campaign. The best plan is probably to pick one of the large factions and play the game on the easiest setting while I grasp the game. I really have this urge, this desire to play some of the strategy games I have like Empire and Hearts of Iron III.

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Anjin said...

It sounds like you have the right idea. At least that's what I always too. Strategy can be pretty overwhelming to me, so I always start on easy and dial up the difficulty as I become more comfortable with the game.

Of course, that usually means I leave it at easy. :p