Sunday, November 8, 2009

No more to say.

It has been brought to my attention that maybe I have been a little to negative in my posts towards Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare 2. Upon further reflection I would agree. Maybe I should have just focused one post about my displeasure and moved on.

Feature wise I am not happy with the use of IWNet which means a loss of dedicated servers and matches capped at 9v9. IWNet is a console style matchmaking service and if it's anything like it was on the Xbox then the host will always have the advantage because of lag.

My favorite servers to play on in Modern Warfare were 24 man and 32 man servers, so I can live with the 9v9, but why the console matchmaking service. I'm not interested in mods of console commands but the PC games that use P2P matchmaking generally fade away quickly because it stinks. Ask FEAR 2 or Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising how well there multiplayer is going on the PC.

But my biggest complaint is a personal one. It seems like years ago, but I was in a clan called {DRI}, we played Modern Warfare and even had a server. But as interest wained and real life called many of us went our separate ways. World at War did bring some of use back, but not for long. So I had hoped that MW2 would bring back some of the old {DRI} members, just like old times.

PC gaming will not die from a lack of interest alone, but from a lack of interest due to developers taking features that PC gamers have come to expect and substituting them for second rate console features.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya Bro - {DRI}Reston

Anonymous said...

MW2 faults be damned.... It is a blast. -Reston

Jayedub said...

I doubt it, but enjoy your waste of sixty bucks with Wyked.

Jim said...

Doubt is one feeling I seldom associate with you. MW2 is fun. That is my statement. I also think that MW is fun. I am a simple player and rarely use lean so it is not missed. The kits and unlocks are the same and more as they have different levels. The two-up playing is an incredible team oriented experience, the missions where one player is in the air gunning and directing the other is not only extremly fun but builds some pretty good teamwork. Some of the maps are refreshingly different as they use elevation, hills and slopes more than its predecessor. I have played about 20 MP deathmatch games and have not experienced lag or other problems associated with P2P gaming. I do like the Steam matchmaking, friends list as it is so much easier to manage. The lack of a stupid PB, that never worked right on my system anyway is a bonus. There is one glaring drawback.... Only one sound slider so no way to mute the music. -R

Jayedub said...

I think I just got a complimant? So thanks I think, lol.

Look, I never doubted that the game would be fun, and I am certain that if I was to pick it up today I would enjoy it.

I would prefer that IW run dedicated servers over P2P matchmaking cause I have little faith in it, but I can definitely live with the 9v9.

But I feel that the game is not worth $60 on the PC.

Jim said...

Look what the boycotters are playing LOL!!!

Jayedub said...

That's funny! So is your goal to wear me out to point that I buy the game and concede that I was wrong?

Jim said...

Yes, Wyked is going to the other platoon and I will need someone to play with.