Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Gaming Update

Unfortunately Pathfinder: Kingmaker is on hold for the time being. I don't know what the cause was, whether it was a patch or the GOG Galaxy client, but my saved game was erased. I do have a couple of autosaves from the very beginning of the game, but I lost almost two hours of gameplay. Out of frustration and fear of losing more time, I'll just wait a bit because there are a couple of other games right now that have my attention.

Of course I'm talking about Diablo 3. Season 15 started almost two weeks ago and I've been having a blast. For the most part. I have been primarily playing a Whirlwind barbarian this season because I enjoy the playstyle. One great thing this season is I've pushed to a higher Greater Rift difficulty than I've done in the past. That has also caused me some frustration because a WW barb is fun, but starts to lack damage and survivability in the higher rifts. I have tried a Hammer of the Ancients, or HOTA, build which is pretty dang strong and is almost as equally fun to play. The HOTA build I've been using lacks the movement speed of the WW barb, but in general my barbarian no matter the build is lacking in toughness. I've max leveled a Monk and Demon Hunter, with Monk being the least fun thus far. I am tempted to do a Necromancer because I absolutely loved leveling one last season.

The other game I'll be playing is Wildstar. So Wildstar is closing down and going offline at the end of November. I was never interested in Wildstar when it released, I did try it a few hours when it switched to a f2p model but didn't care much for it at the time. I actually installed Wildstar a few weeks before the news broke that it will be closing down because I've been on a MMO kick lately. I've been installing random f2p MMO's just to see if they are any good. For me, Wildstar became enjoyable when I found the mouse lock option which turns the game more into an action MMO like Tera or Black Desert Online. My goal with Wildstar is to level at least one character to max level before the game shuts down. With the XP bonus event running till the end of the game I expect that I'll get to level 50 rather easily. My thoughts on Wildstar right now? It's a fun game with a bit of a learning curve.

That's the updates for today, I don't really see me playing much else for the foreseeable future, but you never know.