Friday, November 6, 2009

It's not Steam.

Those few who have read the blog lately will know that I have been quite upset with Infinity Ward's handling of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. I feel that MW2 is nothing more than a console port and is a slap in the face to PC gamers.

So when I saw this article at Shacknews, I was both happy and confused at the same time. Basically Direct2Drive, Impulse and GamersGate are refusing to sell MW2 because it requires players to use Steamworks. But one rep went as far as calling the service a 'Trojan Horse' which I thought was odd.

I was happy because I want the game to fail on the PC market. At least at first so that IW will realize just how much we PC gamers do not like the console treatment of the games multiplayer. But after some thought, it would seem that those three digital distribution companies stand to loose out on a lot of money.

If anyone has bought a game off of Steam, then you have used Steamworks, it's not a 'Trojan Horse' like these three services would like people to think. I think that Steam is great, and is the main reason why I purchase games from them over the other digital distributors.

Now if these three companies were against MW2's console makeover, then I would support them 100%. But to me it appears that they are trying to capitalize on the growing discontant from PC gamers. To what end I do not know. I think it's a bad move on their part, they have the potential to lose out on a lot of money and I think this will just drive buyers over to Steam.

All I can now about this is thank you Infinity Ward, you have saved me sixty bucks!


Jim said...


Discontant is a medical term dealing with the lower bowel.

Maybe you meant both?

Jim said...

I am taken back by the vitrol in your posts. If you, and I, do not like the track this product has taken then the natural course is that we do not buy it. But wishing for a product to fail is not beneficial to anyone, it will not be seen as a 'lack of features' it will be seen as a 'lack of sales' and more and more games will not be made for the PC. I hope it is a sucess so they will continue to make games for the PC, as the costs rise and the companies fail, PC gaming may go the way of the Dodo. I just wont buy it....probably.

Jayedub said...

Lol, oops, too bad this thing doesn't have a grammar corrector.

I am sorry you feel that I am being too negative. The post was not about seeing a game fail and the eventual death of PC gaming, but about the idiotic reasoning for three companies to not sell MW2.

This game's success will likely cause other companies to do much the same with regard to their multiplayer, and that will be the death of PC gaming.