Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes, I did wet my pants!

I finished F.E.A.R. 2 on Thursday, and I loved it. There were so many times I literally wet my pants while playing the game, and it was awesome! Currently I am in the process of writing my review for Project Origin, and up next will be the new Dawn of War II game from Relic, which I am excited to get my hands on.

Just around the corner is Empire Total War, another game I have been waiting for but wished right now that it was delayed just a bit longer. Oh well, guess I'll just have to suffer and buy it anyways, bummer!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Do I really need sleep?

If I didn't think I had enough time lately because of playing WoW, it just got worse. I bought FEAR 2 and Dawn of War II this past week and I have been wanting to play more LOTRO. Sometimes I wish I was back working part-time when I had more time in the day to waste on gaming, but my wife wouldn't like that!

So needless to say I have some gaming to do. First up will be FEAR 2 which I will be submitting a review for to a couple of sites, then next will be DoWII which I might get lucky and be able to do a review for as well. All this while trying to level up my Troll frostmage through Burning Crusade content along with a visit or two to Middle Earth till Empire: Total War is released the first week of next month.Sheeesh.

Also, I was meme-tagged by Pete over at Dragonchasers a few days ago. I have never been meme-tagged nor did I know what it was till now. It would seem that I need to post my sixth screenshot, but I almost never take screenshots unless it's by accident. So it looks like I will be taking some screenshots this week while playing all these games.

I do know for a fact that I have taken screenshots in the past for Age of Conan when I was doing a review for that game, but they are no longer on this computer, not sure if that counts.

So this was the actual sixth screenshot I had taken from AoC when I writing the review. Not the greatest, but it will do till I come up with a better one while gaming this week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When is too much...too much?

I have been playing alot of World of Warcraft lately. Alot of Warcraft honestly. So much so that I have fallen behind in my blog posting, my regular blog and website reading, even watching some of my favorite tv shows!

Now I am not addicted to the point where I am neglecting my family, my personal hygiene or calling in sick from work just to play. But I have been staying up later than I should at nights which has caused me to slack off on the chores around the apartment, not a good thing. And with WoW being the only game I am currently playing, I have a back log of PC and 360 games that are definitely being neglected.

I love games, and my lovely wife has accepted the fact that I am going to spend alot of my free time playing them. Playing one game is not a problem, and if I decide to spend most of my game time with WoW, then so be it. But I have developed a bad case of gamers ADD over the years, and I am prone to MMO burnout as well, not a good combo.

This post isn't my way of telling others to watch out about game addictions, or that people should not play games as much, but it's my way of letting myself realize that I need to step away from the monitor and keyboard sometimes and get my priorities straight and to use my time wisely. Believe me, I would never tell anyone that they are spending too much time playing games, I would tell them to play more!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New SWTOR video

Saw this over at Dragonchasers, it's a new developer diary about the creation of the world Tython. According to Star Wars lore, Tython is where the force was first discovered basically.

Well, I had a video imbeded, but it did not want to work. So just click the link I gave to Dragonchasers and enjoy some nice SWTOR goodness!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick and tired of being sick!

Haven't posted since Super Sunday cause I found myself once again ill. A few weeks ago I missed most of the week from work with a sinus infection. Well, it seems that my lack of sleep along with the very large amount of time I spent at work helped to take what was remaining of that sinus infection and allow it to spread into my throat. At least that is what I am thinking.

So after three days of a fever hovering between 101-103 degrees made me decide it was time to see the doctor. Needless to say I am feeling sooooo much better now. I can not remember a time in my life when I was so sick in such a short amount of time, not fun I tell ya.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It's February 1st, and that means it's time for the Super Bowl. This years gridiron classic pits the offensive minded Arizona Cardinals vs the defensive Pittsburgh Steelers. I personally am rooting for Arizona, I think it would be a great story and would do wanders for the franchise.

Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the game live, cause I am at work. I was suppose to have the day off, in fact I was going to have a three day weekend after working six days in a row. But I find myself working for a seventh day in a row having worked a total of twenty-nine hours of overtime.

But, it should be known that I work mostly in an office, and it's not hard work at all. But when you are only sleeping maybe six hours an night because of playing games, and working a few eleven hour shifts, one tends to get a bit tired and cranky.

I do have the game set to record on DVR, and I might go ahead and listen to it on the radio as well. Tonight I think I will skip the gaming and watch a movie, hang out with the family and go to be early!