Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enough said.

Finally a real PC review for Modern Warfare 2.

The early reviews of this game were conducted at a hotel under Activision's supervision, using the console version of the game. The launch party in New York featured the 360 version of the game. We were sent the Prestige Edition of the game the day of release for coverage. Very few people at the company seem to care that yes, there is a PC port of the game.

Well, we care, dammit. Call of Duty came from the PC gaming scene, and it was there that it was popularized. Yes, consoles are now the dominant form of gaming from a financial standpoint, but it's sad to see a game that has such a rich history on our favorite platform feel so neglected in its newest incarnation. The port of the single-player campaign is strong; the game looks, plays, and feels incredible on a capable gaming PC. The Special Ops missions are perfect if you're in the mood for a teeny-tiny LAN party (although of course you'll both need Steam accounts to play), but the multiplayer offerings feel like Infinity Ward is trying to cram a round peg into a square hole.

It's not what we're used to, it's not what we want, and the changes made to the online matchmaking set-up and lack of dedicated servers negatively change the online experience. It's just that simple.

There is no easy verdict here, but I'm going to say skip the PC version. Why? The single-player is over quickly. The Special Ops missions are great but there are better co-op games out there. The multiplayer is going to be huge on consoles, but on the PC it's just crippled. There is a lot of fun to be had here, but there are way better ways to spend your money, especially with the $60 price.

GamePlanet has a pretty good review of the PC version as well. These reviews confirm what I already felt, that the gameplay is awesome. The single player is fantastic and the Spec Ops mode sounds really great. But the gimped multiplayer kills the value for me personally and I don't feel that the game is worth the $60 price on the PC.


Anonymous said...

I am getting pretty tired of people telling me the multiplayer is 'gimped'. It is not, I see absolutley no problems with it. I am sick of people who have nothing...NOTHING to do with the design feeling the need to tell the makers what they should and should not do. Oh yea they have 300 million reasons to say, we did it our way....pfffft -reston

Jayedub said...

And I am getting tired of you coming on here and arguing with me. Go play your game, I am not trying to stop you.

This is my forum to voice my displeasure, don't like, don't read.