Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why not WAR?

Lately I have really been wanting to do some PvP. I think it comes from reading Syncaine talk about Darkfall and explaining some about the game. I tried pvp in Champions Online, but it is utter crap. I also gave it a try the other night in Age of Conan in the PvP mini-games, but I got my butt handed to me early and often.

I think I am going to give pvp another shot in AoC, but I began to wonder what game I can play for some pvp? I did consider returning to WoW, but that thought lasted a mere second. I would love to give Darkfall a try but I don't want to spend fifty bucks on a game that I am not sure I will even like. You see, I am a carebare player at heart, I avoid conflicts with players as much as possible, so Darkfall may be too hardcore for me.

So I got to thinking of what this game would need to have that would make me want to play. It would need to have PvE, would help if the game looks good, have interesting classes that would make me want to try each one, and have PvP that matters and is rewarding. Well wait a minute, that sounds like Warhammer Online.

According to Xfire I have played 110 hours of WAR in the short few months that I subbed. So if WAR is the game I am looking for, why am I not playing it then? It's because of the lackluster PvE. Being a carebare, I view PvP as a diversion from the grind of questing and dungeon runs, which is how I played WAR when I did.

A few posts ago I wrote how I was thinking of just quiting WAR and LOTRO for good and never going back to them. But if Champions is the same three months from now as it is today when my free times runs out, I may need to revisit my thoughts about giving up on WAR.


Marty Runyon said...

I see myself reflected in your post. I've been thinking about trying out WAR again, especially after reading Snafzg's articles on Massively. Sounds like Mythic has the servers cut down enough to get PvP populations up. If that's really true, WAR might finally live up to it's promise.

Darn you for tempting me!

Jayedub said...

Lol, sorry about that. At some point I think it's going to happen and I am going to play WAR one more time, but not till my free time with Champions is over, having too much fun.

Jim said...

I agree totally. WAR offers all the things I like, but instead I play everything else and don't consider playing it.

I like Champions as it comes through with the promise that the developers of WAR made before it was released. You can log in and do something meaningful in under 30 minutes.

Yeebo said...

In my humble opinion WAR offers some of the best MMO PvP on the market right now. At the very least in tiers I and II it is an absolute blast. I love that you can level and gear up doing nothing but PvP. The scenarios are much more numerous and varied than the battlegrounds in WoW. I have yet to try a WoW battleground that I like as much as any of the WAR scenarios.