Saturday, July 11, 2015

Story Mode Revamp

Next week's Ant Man patch for Marvel Heroes is shaping up to be a significant game changer. Announced yesterday at the San Diego Comic Con was the difficulty mode consolidation change to the Marvel Heroes story mode. The complete FAQ can be read here.

There's some really nice information on the changes, but what caught my eye was the following three changes:
  • Experience rewards for story mode have been greatly increased.
  • Players can level from 1 to 60 in story mode alone, at a brisk pace if they wish.
  • Several new optional story missions have been added in various chapters, with experience awards, to aid in leveling. More may be added in the future, as needed.

While I have played through the story once, I haven't touched it in ages since it's the least effective method for leveling a hero. I do love the change for a few reasons - it should help acclimate new players to the game and it gives an alternative to leveling instead of running constant terminals or patrol zones.

With these changes I plan to start leveling Ant Man through the story mode to test the new revamp. However, I have a feeling that I will eventually out level the story content due to my permanent 200% leveling bonus.

A few other changes in the FAQ that were of interest was the removal of the difficulty in the story mode (Normal, Heroic, & Super Heroic) to make grouping easier and a possible Mentor Mode to down scale one's level lower to group with friends to be implemented in the future.

Also announced were a slew of new and updated costumes which is always nice. I particularly like the new Jean Grey costume! All-in-all, the Ant Man patch is shaping up to be a nice one for everyone!

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