Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Cosmic Time!

It's Friday which means it would have been patch day for Marvel Heroes, but that was done on Tuesday due to Gazillion bringing Marvel Heroes goodness to the San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

However, that does mean a new event starts today, it's Cosmic Chaos time! What is Cosmic Chaos you may ask?  It means more cosmic loot from bosses in Cosmic Terminals, Cosmic Midtown and ICP and double leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige. For us average players it's about the multiplicative bonus to XP, Rare Item Find and Special Item find of 42%.

Cosmic Chaos is one of my least favorite events in Marvel Heroes because I generally don't run cosmic terminals or patrols and the multiplicative XP bonus is kind of meh unless you intend to use lots of boosts to level. You do collect cosmic worldstones from bosses and random enemies that you can use to purchase items from Moondragon in the Avengers Tower.

Moondragon does have a few items that are worthwhile picking up if you have the appropriate hero that can use the item, such as the Doop Ectoplasm artifact and the Power Cosmic legendary. She does sell two recipes which are nice as well, Doop Inspiration and Power Doop. Again, good for a few select heroes, but nice none the less.

I would, however, recommend the first purchase from Moondragon be the Upgrade Epic Insignia to Cosmic recipe first because that will benefit every hero. It requires a level 60 epic insignia and adds a +1 to all powers which all heroes can use. Since you have to use Cosmic Worldstones to buy the Cosmic Upgrade Tokens and most likely the Doop Runes needed for the recipe, I would suggest making sure you have the best insignia for your character because you'll run out of worldstones pretty quickly.

Good insignia's can be hard to come by and if you're leveling say Human Torch, Ghost Rider, Cable or Psylock for example, then purchasing the artifact or legendary isn't a bad idea till you do find a good insignia.

This even should run through next Thursday till the Ant-Man patch that will likely come on Friday morning just in time for the movie.

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