Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Touch of RAGE!

I picked up RAGE on sale at a local Gamestop back in October, but like many games I didn't get to it right away. At the time I was the Witcher 2 and with Skyrim just a short few weeks away I wasn't sure I would be able to get to it, but I made the purchase anyways.

I'm really glad I did, even though I haven't played much, I really like RAGE. The game is so beautiful, the controls are really tight and the weapons are awesome. Why I waited this long to get back into RAGE is a mystery to me cause according to the timestamp, I haven't played the game since the day Skyrim launched. Big surprise.

So today I thought I would fire it up, get familiar with the controls a bit and take a few screenshots to share just how beautiful RAGE truly is!



Marty Runyon said...

Wow, those look really nice. A lot better than I expected. Is that on the PC?

Since you already own it, I can see why you picked Rage as your next game. I'll be hoping SR3 goes on sale soon for you. :)

Jayedub said...

Yep, PC it is! Some of the criticisms about the game are valid, but I am enjoying the game thus far.

I may not be able to wait for a sale, cause everything I hear and read about SR3 sounds awesome.

Yeebo said...

Great screenshots. That is a very pretty game.

Bronte said...

Rage is a gorgeous game. I know it got a lot of flak for being unstable at launch, but for some reason, my PC ran it at perfect frame rates without any issues whatsoever.

Jayedub said...

Yeah, I haven't had an issue with Rage either, and it runs really good for me.